How will we know we are making a difference?

Flying Start is a 10 year strategy that is working to understand how our services over time are making a difference to children’s lives.

Flying Start closely monitors the impact of our services, using performance data, tracking data and evaluations of the interventions we have invested in. We listen to parent’s views of their experiences and ideas and have a range of case studies which provide qualitative information on how our service is making a difference.

Flying Start is also working with the University of Bedfordshire and has jointly funded a Senior Research post to allow us to gather evidence of the impact of Flying Start over time in three specific services. These are

  • Sign 4 Little Talkers
  • Henry
  • Incredible Years  Preschool programme ®

Flying Start Senior Research Fellow– Dr Rosemary Davidson

Flying Start is also funding a PHD student who is examining the role of fathers within a child’s life and the impact good fathering has on improving a child’s ability to be life ready.

Flying Start PHD Student– Louisa Donald

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