What Flying Start parents told us.

In October 2013, the Flying Start team supported by Children’s Centres in the Flying Start wards ran a survey to ask parents views to support the development of the bid. Three hundred and sixteen responses were received from parents living in the Flying Start five wards. Headlines from the survey include:

  • Parents were asked about what further help they would find useful to help with parenting and supporting their children. The top five responses were; more support in developing children’s language skills, signposting to support services for themselves and their families, parenting support, support with healthy eating on a budget and help accessing services and activities to support their families.
  • Parents were also about their preferred method of support and the top four responses were group session, one to one support, short courses and home visits.
  • Parents preferred method for communication about parenting was by email, text or through the use of the website.

The information has been used in helping to build a clear picture of what Flying Start parents think would be helpful to give babies and children a Flying Start in Luton.



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