Take Five Cafés

Following the Five to Thrive training a group of Children’s Centre staff met to discuss how they could put the Five to Thrive approach into practice. As a result of these discussions Take 5 cafes were developed and have now been launched.

The Take 5 cafés are informal small group sessions where expectant parents and parents / carers with children under 6 months are welcomed. Each session is part of a rolling programme based on the five building blocks of the Five to Thrive philosophy. The session enables staff to provide practical advice and support and ideas for activities that parents can undertake to help support healthy personal, social and emotional development in their babies. The sessions run 5 days a week and are an excellent resource for parents to attend and professionals to signpost families to.

At the cafes parents are able to get advice and support on all aspects of parenting such as routines, breastfeeding and infant feeding, crying and sleep concerns and weaning. Furthermore staff are able to signpost them to other children’s centre activities such as baby massage, benefit and housing  advice, baby groups and should extra support be required this can be identified at an early stage.

Mum and daughter at Hatters Children’s Centre receiving a certificate of attendance.

Mum and daughter at Hatters Children’s Centre receiving a certificate of attendance.

Take 5 cafes run across Luton five days a week

For more information contact Sarah Lawlor on 01582 616604 slawlor@dallowprimary.net

Contact details for Luton Children’s Centres can be found on http://directory.luton.gov.uk/kb5/luton/directory/results.page?familychannel=2

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