2 year family worker overview

2 year family worker overview

As of 1st January 2017, 4 new posts (one per neighbourhood) were created called Flying Start Two Year Family Workers.

The Two Year Family Worker posts support the delivery of an integrated 2 year check through effective information sharing, and providing an Integrated Health & Wellbeing service to parents/carers. We aim to provide improved support to families through the process of the integrated two year check, giving earlier and more targeted support for those children who require it as well as clear pathways of information sharing between Health, Children’s Centres and our Early Years Settings.

Working as a conduit between Health, Early Years and Children’s Centres, the Two Year Family Worker role provides a joined up service for families. The role is very varied, offering support to families:

  • to access Children’s Centre services,
  • attend a Development Check
  • access a Parenting course
  • apply for 2 year funding
  • find a nursery
  • signpost to a local dentist
  • arrange a Safe at Home Check
  • or sharing complex information with service providers.

As part of our role we work alongside the SEN Team to help children with additional needs receive the correct support and find an appropriate place in a nursery.

The two year Family Workers have enjoyed great success to date. Since June 2017 the team have:

  • Made 324 individual contacts with families
  • Supported 43 children into a nursery provision
  • Completed 99 integrated checks, which we expect to significantly increase due to a large number of children starting nurseries in September.
  • We have sign-posted 62 families to other services.
  • Made contact and built positive relationships with our nursery provisions
  • Encouraged and mentored our Support Workers in developing Universal Services

Our team can also offer support to families, professionals, settings and parent/carers with a broad range of groups, courses and early support.

The project has now been extended to June 2018 and we hope for many more good outcomes with families and for our links with nurseries and health services to grow.

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