Evidence based parenting courses

Evidence based parenting courses – finding the best intervention for your families

Flying Start offers a range of universal and targeted (t) evidence based parenting programmes for families with under 5s (or where at least one child in the family is under 5 years). Our programmes are offered in the four Flying Start Children Centre neighbourhoods and through Stepping Stones. We are also working in partnership with Luton Adult Learning and have some courses being offered within schools. Information on all courses is available on our website www.flyingstartluton.com

Mellow Parenting (t) is aimed at mothers with wider difficulties within their family lives (up to Level 4 on LSCB threshold document) including social isolation, domestic abuse and substance misuse. It is an attachment and relationship based group intervention for mums using mixtures of reflective and practical techniques. It allows parents to address their personal challenges as well as the challenges they face with their children. Mellow is currently being offered at Stepping Stones. Please contact 01582 457114.

We also offer Webster Stratton Incredible Years Pre-school Programme (t). This programme is designed for families with children aged 3-5 years who have early onset behaviour difficulties. The programme particularly focuses on the importance of play and how this helps children to develop learning, social and emotional skills and school readiness. A key element of the programme is the importance of praise. With one programme underway at Flying Start West at the Mossdale site we are now taking referrals for the next planned course in Flying Start South, due to start in January 2018. This course has proven results in reducing longer term school exclusions when accessed early.

Flying Start children’s centres also have a universal rolling programme of Family Links Nurturing programme and HENRY (Healthy Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young). Further information on these is available on the website.

If you would like someone you are working with to access a targeted parenting programme (t) and they are not already open to an Early Help or Social Work service you will need to complete an Early Help Assessment.

If you are a professional working with a family and not sure which course would best meet the needs of that family, please do not hesitate to contact Sue Bugden, our Flying Start parenting co-ordinator who will be happy to discuss referrals with you in more detail so that we can ease the pathway for families into the course that best meets their parenting needs.

Susan.Bugden@luton.gcsx.gov.uk             Tel: 01582 558336

For HENRY programme please contact Joe.Brabrook@pre-school.org.uk

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