Flying Start Children’s Centre update, January 2018

Children’s Centre update for FS newsletter January 2018

A whole year has passed since children’s centres in Luton were remodelled into four Flying Start neighbourhoods. Our teams are now well established and delivering a wide range of services to support families with children five and under living in Luton.
We have recently carried out an exercise to provide new signs at each of the main Flying Start Children’s Centre buildings.

Look out for our new bright signs when you next visit a children’s centre

A new brochure has been produced that gives details of the activities and parenting courses available at our children’s centres. You can pick up a brochure from your local children’s centre or have a look at it online at

Timetables with details of all the services offered by Luton’s Flying Start Children’s Centres (FSCC) can be found on our website:

A Flying Start Children’s Centre Advisory Board has been established and meets quarterly. It brings together a wide range of partner agencies to offer support, advice and challenge to the Flying Start Children’s Centres, and receives reports about progress and impact of services.
In addition to the Luton-wide Advisory Board we have also established four FSCC Community Partnerships. These provide a forum for parents, representatives from local communities and partners from local organisations to work together, to respond to local needs and influence the delivery of local services. Each of the four FSCC neighbourhoods in Luton has a FSCC Community Partnership and the first meetings took place in November 2017.

We are very keen to find out what Luton parents think about the services they access at our Flying Start Children’s Centres. To listen to as many views as possible, we will be running an on-line survey in February and March 2018 to find out how satisfied parents/carers are with services provided by Luton’s Flying Start Children’s Centre. Look out for the on-line survey on the Consultations page of the Luton Borough Council website. We will publish a link to the survey once it is live. We want to get as many children’s centre users as possible to complete the survey and provide us with feedback which will help us to understand what services parents and children value and enable to make adjustments to services where needed.

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