January Newsletter Introduction from Tina Charlton, Luton CCG

Thank you for inviting me to introduce myself in your newsletter.

I joined Cambridgeshire Community Services as Head of Luton Children’s and Young People’s Community Health Services in May. The chance to work in this hugely diverse borough with its transient population and deprivation offered a challenging opportunity which I was delighted to take. Since coming to Luton, I have found that the community attracts an incredibly committed workforce. I have been inspired by the innovative approaches our Health Visiting team and the Children’s Centres are developing together for the borough’s young children.

Stephanie Cash has been particularly welcoming and would like to thank her for her support and introductions. I am looking forward to working with her to allow our teams to develop a further integrated approach to delivering services for our children.

I began my nursing career in London starting at University College Hospital before Specialising in Children’s at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, where I worked in intensive care. I then worked in the community in Paddington at a time when a large proportion of the local population were in temporary housing. Many families were recent migrants and asylum seekers and the population was in many ways similar to that in Luton.

Before taking my new role in Luton, I had worked for Hertfordshire for twenty five years where I set up a Children’s Community Nursing Service, undertook several specialist roles taught at the University and had a commissioning appointment. I was recently Head of Specialist Services for Children (Hertfordshire Community Trust).

I have really enjoyed my first six months in Luton where we have where we have a fantastic opportunity to accelerate integrated working with the coterminous boundaries with Health and the l council. I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming months.
Tina Charlton.

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