Luton Family Safeguarding Model

The Family Safeguarding Model was originally designed by Hertfordshire County Council to tackle the challenges around Children’s Safeguarding, in particular the compounding factors to risk of harm known as the ‘toxic trio’ (domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health).

The aim of the model is to support Children’s Social Workers in tackling these risk factors through multi-disciplinary teams that can work with the adults in the family alongside the Children’s Social Workers and make the job a ‘doable role’.

Luton was successful in their innovation bid to be one of four new authorities to implement the Family Safeguarding Model, starting the implementation in May 2017. This funding amounted to £2.6m however it was ring-fenced to implement the practice model only.

Following Luton’s successful bid we formally launched the Family Safeguarding Model with partners and providers on 27th November 2017. A programme was set up to deliver the Family Safeguarding Model in Children’s Social Work Services and there are a number of workstream’s in place to implement the model in Luton.

Family Safeguarding Webpage

The Family Safeguarding Webpage is now live and can be accessed on the Luton website or by clicking on this link.

The webpage has been designed to provide a background on what the Family Safeguarding Model is and the changes people can expect in Luton.

People can also access key materials including the Family Safeguarding Parents Leaflet, the Professionals Leaflet and the e-updates.

Training – Motivational Interviewing
Motivational Interviewing (MI) provides a single approach framework across Luton. We have incorporated MI into the Core Training Programme for Luton staff with quarterly courses to be run. All adult workers will also be trained on MI. This way of working will ensure no matter where people access services, they will receive the same approach from Luton and partner agency staff.

Recruitment of Adult Workers
The recruitment of adult workers is headed up by our partner agencies with help and support from Luton HR teams:
• BeNCH – Probation Officers
• CGL – Substance Misuse Recovery Workers
• ELFT – Mental Health Workers and Clinical Psychologist
Recruitment of adult workers is underway and interviews have taken place for the Substance Misuse Recovery Workers, Probation Officers and Mental health Practitioners.

To date we have successfully appointed:
• A Drug and Alcohol Recovery Worker and Senior Recovery Worker, who will be starting at the end of January 2018.
• Two Probation Officers and a Senior Probation Worker, who will be starting at the end of February 2018.
• A Senior Mental Health Practitioner, start date to be confirmed.

The formal Evaluation of the Family Safeguarding Model has begun in Luton. York Consulting are completing this work as part of the DfE Programme.

What’s Next?
Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Recruitment of Adult Workers will continue to ensure all posts are filled and sufficient resource is available. Once the Adult Workers are in place the multi-disciplinary teams can progress with embedding the model and practices through co-ordinated and direct work with families.

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