Easy Peasy

At Flying Start South Practitioners are busy inviting parents/carers to join their ‘EasyPeasy Pod’ – an online community where they can communicate with other parents/carers and receive data on their engagement.

EasyPeasy is an opportunity for families with children under 5 years to receive posts every week about new, low cost/no cost activities for young children via their phones.

EasyPeasy is being delivered for 5 months, fully-funded by Luton Flying Start, to a selection of Luton settings and the Flying Start Children’s Centre.

Every Saturday EasyPeasy sends game ideas, video tutorials, information and advice, to parents’ mobile phones, encouraging real world play and positive interactions at home. The videos show the families enjoying playing together and having fun! The activities are very simple, encouraging eye contact, communication (verbal and non-verbal) and interaction between the adult and child/children.

Regular updates are sent to the setting/Children’s Centre so that we know how many parents/carers are signed up and how many are using the App.

EasyPeasy is a proven school readiness intervention being evaluated by the University of Oxford.

EasyPeasy targets parents with children aged 2.5-5 years old, and activities can be adapted for younger children.

There is no cost to the parent/carer for the service.

You can read more about EasyPeasy and check out an example game on the website www.easypeasyapp.com


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