Newsletter introduction from Lucy Hubber

I’m really pleased to be joining the Luton team as the Service Director for Healthy Lives and Children’s Commissioning. My role is pretty broad, covering everything from sexual health and total wellbeing to libraries and sport centres, as well as making sure that we spend our money in the best way to improve health outcomes for children and young people.


I’m lucky to have been involved in seeing the difference that prevention can make to lives all through my career, whether it is on universal initiatives such as immunisation and screening or more targeted work about helping vulnerable families. So often, particularly in times of financial pressure, it is easier to focus on where the problems are most visible but this can mean that we miss out on opportunities to improve the lives of children and young people before problems or harm are experienced. My aim is to deliver a programme of prevention that encourages positive life-long choices, so that the benefits are realised in the long term. I look forward to working with you.

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