Positive outcomes for Luton families attending HENRY

During 2017/18 seven HENRY programmes were run across Luton – there were 50 attendees across these programmes, with a retention rate of 92%.  The seven programmes reached at least 66 children between the ages of 0 to 5. 

 The HENRY programme focusses on five lifestyle areas that are key to preventing and managing childhood obesity:

•             Parenting Skills – boundaries, parental confidence

•             Emotional wellbeing – happiness, stress levels

•             Healthy eating habits – eating as a family, not in front of TV

•             Eating well – consumption of fruit and veg, intake of high fat and sugary snacks, intake of sugary drinks and daily consumption of water

•             Being active – parent and child activity levels, screen time

 Respondents consider each of the lifestyle areas and give themselves an overall healthiness rating out of 10 for their family lifestyle. 

 95% of respondents reported an increase in their overall Healthy Lifestyle score after completing the programme – indicating that they had adopted a healthier lifestyle by the programme completion. The average healthy lifestyle score increased by 65%.  Family’s reported an increase in the family’s consumption of fruit and vegetables and eating together as a family and a decrease in how often they ate in front of the TV and their children’s consumption of high fat and sugary snacks.  The family’s also reported an increase in their time spent being active and a decrease in screen time. 

Additionally respondents reported an increase in how often they felt happy, and a decrease in how often they felt stressed.  100% of the respondents felt good or great about the programme overall and 93% would recommend the programme to others. 

Overall both the feedback and the outcome data is very positive for the HENRY programme.  All seven Luton courses showed an increased score – the course with the highest increase saw the respondents scores increase by 4.75.  Luton’s outcomes for HENRY were also above the national average. To read the full end of year report visit


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