Flying Start Gold Award for Transition

A Flying Start Gold Award for Transition is now available to schools and settings in Luton to celebrate a child and family centred approach to school readiness.

The next available date for submission is Thursday 6th December 2018

This award involves:

  • An evidence portfolio completed by the school or the childcare setting based on the ‘Ready for School?’ criteria outlined below.
  • Upon completion, a certificate and the Flying Start Gold transition logo will be awarded to schools or settings at the termly Designated Safeguarding Officer meetings. This logo can then be displayed on the school/setting website or added to a prospectus

Further information on how to apply for the award can be found here

New materials and training to support children in Luton to start school successfully have been introduced by the Early Years team in Luton with funding from Flying Start.

The aim is to support school readiness by focusing on three key areas:

Is the family ready; is the child ready and is the school ready?

The materials were developed with input from schools, nurseries, settings, family workers, parents, childminders, the SEN team, school admissions, Flying Start and Flying Start Children’s Centres and include:

  • Printed leaflets on school readiness for parents and professionals
  • Practitioner training on transitions
  • School training on attachment

Further information can be found here on the Flying Start website:

What will success look like for families, children and schools?

Is the family ready?

  • Feeder settings provide families with a timeline of transition into school and are better equipped to support parents with realistic school applications
  • All families receive the ‘Ready for School’ checklist with their school allocation letter – this links to the Flying Start Ready for School videos plus additional support materials
  • Families are able to access support through Flying Start for behaviour, toilet training, eating and sleeping concerns before their child starts school.
  • Families with children in settings receive a text on the day they receive their admissions letter taking them to the FS website
  • Parents inform their child’s current setting which school they have been allocated.
  • Families in need are provided with school uniform, shoes and school equipment
  • Parents are able to contact the family workers at their new school if they have any concerns before their child starts school.
  • The school offers new parents support through systems such as ‘Buddying‘ or ‘Parent Champions’

Is the child ready?

  • Parents have a clearer idea of what school readiness looks like and how they can best support their child before starting school. Videos and practical ideas are available on the Flying Start website.
  • Parents are encouraged to practice independence skills such as eating with a knife and fork, dressing and undressing and using the toilet unaided.
  • Where possible, the child knows the name of his/her new teacher and where s/he will be spending their days in school.
  • Parents are given the opportunity to share information on their child with their new school.

Is the school ready?

  • Settings know which schools their children are going to and are able to share all relevant information with the appropriate members of school staff, not just the school office.
  • Schools know the children who will be joining their school as early as possible and have their correct contact details.
  • The child’s voice and the parents’ voices are recorded on the transition documents.
  • Children’s PSED Autumn 2 outcomes show that they have settled well in school.
  • The school has a transition plan for late and in-year arrivals
  • School staff are supported to build positive and productive relationships with parents at this key transition period

Is the school ready?

  • Schools and settings sign up for the Flying Start Gold Award in Transitions which provides parents with assurances of a child centred approach to school readiness
  • School staff demonstrate an understanding of the importance of attachments linked to the principles of Five To Thrive


  • Reduced incidences of disruptive or acting-out behaviour
  • Reduced exclusions/reduced timetables in Nursery, Infant and Primary schools
  • All staff in settings and schools have a clear understanding of the Flying Start Parenting Offer and how to access these courses for their parents
  • Parents have a good relationship with their child’s new school
  • Settled, happy children

Longer term:

  • Reduced financial costs due to exclusions and intensive support
  • Reduced need for other statutory services such as Stronger Families and Social Care

For further information please contact Flying Start or Early Years Consultant



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