Introducing the new Flying Start Graduate, Amaani Ahmed

My name is Amaani Ahmed and I am the new NGDP graduate at Luton Council. This is my first full-time job having graduated from the University of Birmingham in summer 2018 with a BA in International Relations.

Luton feels very much like home as I was born here and lived in the town until the age of 11. Since then I have been living in Harpenden where I studied Politics, Biology and Psychology at Sixth Form.

When I left school I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do for a career. I chose to study international politics because this was my main interest and I wanted to understand more about current events around the world.

I have always been passionate about helping people and my studies were important to opening my eyes to the ways in which this can be achieved from an international to a local scale.

This is what led to me choosing Flying Start out of a possible 9 placements at Luton Council. I felt it was a great opportunity for me to benefit the community I once lived in, on a really tangible basis.

I was brought into the team as they are working on extending their parenting offer to include parents of 5-19 year olds, helping to provide a more comprehensive approach which continues beyond early years support. My main role over the next six months will be to lead on developing a plan for this project and the beginnings of its implementation before moving onto my next placement. Work will include meeting with many key stakeholders such as Early Help and professionals from health such as School nurses. Meetings will allow me to have a broad view of what issues face this age range, the gaps in the current services and finally the potential to address these issues and gaps with the proposed parenting offer.

At the beginning of my placement I felt like I was getting an information overload. This was simply because I had to absorb a huge range of information, from what the team actually do, to all the new terms and abbreviations being thrown around in meetings. All this on top of simply getting to grips with my role! Adjusting to working life was a challenge but I have definitely relished it and I am now feeling much more settled in my role, largely due to the support I have received from my colleagues and managers. While I am learning so much every day, I am also enjoying myself through the process and again this is due to everyone in the Flying Start team.

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