ICAN volunteers are volunteers who have been trained on babies brain development and early communication and language messages. They work in the community to share this information with parents. My childminding day starts at 7.30 and ends at 6pm with my daily drop off and pick up and handovers which naturally offers opportunities to include key messages from ICAN. Once all my minded children have arrived, we routinely go to a childminder group, the zoo or park, these locations once again offer the opportunity for me to come into contact with other practitioners, parents and carers. It never ceases to amaze me how I get chatting about ICAN and dependent on the audience, gauging which message to share. The school walk offers another great opportunity chatting to parents who are going to collect their children with younger siblings in tow. Reflecting on the audience I have at my disposal is never ending and includes ‘Beavers’ where I am an assistant leader. Even on my days off I find myself chatting to various people at appointments such as the hairdressers, doctors, at the gym and lots more besides. My eyebrow technician is my classic example of how important and easily shared the key messages are in the community. She was pregnant and I shared one key message – communication starts before birth.

Debbie Else

Published On: July 1st, 2019 / Categories: News, Uncategorized /

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