Speech and Language Therapists provide treatment and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, eating and drinking and swallowing.

This includes identifying, diagnosing and supporting needs in all aspects of communication, such as interaction skills, understanding language, using language, speech sounds, stammering and voice difficulties. Working closely with the child, their parents/carers, education staff and other health professionals amongst others, we offer tailored support to each individual child linked to their specific needs, to help them communicate better in their daily lives.

The Paediatric NHS Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) service in Luton is funded by Luton and Bedfordshire CCGs, with the exception of one new post for our special school’s team, which is jointly commissioned by the local authority and the CCG.

The preschool team is based at two locations in Luton, Redgrave Gardens and Liverpool Road Health Centre, however we see children in a range of community settings.

At a national level, 7.6% of children (two in every class of 30) start school with a Developmental Language Disorder and a further 2.3% of children start school with a language disorder linked to another condition, such as learning difficulties or hearing problems.

At the time of writing, we have 484 children on our preschool caseloads. There are 1,300 children on our entire Luton paediatric caseload, which includes the preschool children, school aged children in both mainstream and special schools and our Youth Offending Service post.

This is covered by a total of 7.3 whole time equivalent Speech and Language Therapists when the team is fully staffed.

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