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As I write this we are nearing the end of the school summer holidays. In addition to providing our usual sessions for families, our children’s centres have offered a range of activities for families including several family fun days and trips to the seaside and parks.

We are always keen to get feedback from families about the services we offer and earlier this year Flying Start Children’s Centres carried out a Customer Satisfaction Survey across all four neighbourhoods. We received 617 completed questionnaires which represents 32.8% of families who attended FSCC services during that time period. The majority of people who completed the questionnaire were female and between the ages of 25 to 44 years.

Families completing the survey gave an overwhelmingly positive response to their experience of using the Flying Start Children’s Centres and this was reflected across the town.  Our registration and activity databases give us a good understanding of who attends our sessions as well as what they attend, how frequently and where they live. The opportunity this survey gave us was to gain a deeper understanding of how people feel about their experience and so the questions focused on how convenient, helpful and useful they found available services.

In summary the responses told us that:

• 92.5% would recommend the children’s centre to other parents

• 95.7% feel satisfied or quite satisfied with our children’s centre services

• 82.8% agree or strongly agree that the children’s centres have supported them to feel more confident as a parent or carer

• 82.9% agree or strongly agree that the children’s centre has helped their family to lead a healthier lifestyle

• 97.4% agree or strongly agree that the children’s centre staff have made them feel welcome every time they attend

• 94.4% agree or strongly agree that the children’s centre offers a good experience for their child

• 88.1% agree or strongly agree that they have a better understanding of their baby/child’s development

This is the second annual survey carried out by Flying Start Children’s Centres and again the results were very positive.  Parents tell us that they value the services offered by our FSCCs and that the support offered is well received and important to families in Luton.

There are currently 16,831 children under-five registered with Luton’s Flying Start Children’s Centre, which is 95.5% of the population of this age group. 77.2% of all new babies born in Luton were brought along by their parents to attend a service delivered at one of the children’s centres in the first quarter of 2019-20.

On a weekly basis parents can access a range of both universal services (open to all) and targeted services (for which criteria apply). Our Flying Start Family Workers provide support for families who need extra help to tackle any emerging needs

Timetables with details of all the services offered by Luton’s Flying Start Children’s Centre (FSCC) can be found on our website:

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