World Breastfeeding week 1 to 7 August had events taking place across Bedfordshire to support the #FreetoFeed campaign

FreeToFeed is a Bedfordshire wide campaign that aims to normalise breastfeeding in public and help mothers feel supported when out and about.

Adverts promoting the campaign have been on buses and bus stops across Luton and Bedfordshire since the beginning of world breastfeeding week.

This campaign is not about expecting every mother to breastfeed, it is about ensuring all mothers and babies are free to feed anytime, anywhere. Breastfeeding is a natural, normal, important part of everyday life, and has many benefits for both mums and their children. Research shows that 80% of breastfeeding mothers stop breastfeeding before they want to. Breastfeeding can be very challenging for mothers, especially when out and about and many women feel very uncomfortable when feeding in public; but babies need to feed regularly and should be free to feed anytime, anywhere.

Public places can support the campaign by displaying posters and window stickers to raise awareness and help mothers know they are welcome to breastfeed. The Mall shopping centre was the first to come on board as supporters of the campaign with many of their staff trained in breastfeeding awareness and their main eateries displaying the window sticker.

Breastfeeding mothers can look out for the Free to feed campaign window stickers when out and about and looking for places to feed or use the breastfeeding hub App to find breastfeeding friendly places.

The free breastfeeding Hub App is available to download and provides information and support on breastfeeding including a map of breastfeeding friendly places in the local area. Mothers can rate and review places to help other mothers know what to expect.

Campaign resources including posters, stickers or badges to support the campaign are available. Contact:  

For more information on the campaign including breastfeeding training please contact

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