Did you know that the Luton  Safe at Home Scheme recently launched a FALLS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to protect young children from serious injuries … Falls being the most common cause of accidental injury and Choking being the highest cause of death in the under 5’s.  Most accidents are preventable and we know by raising awareness of safety around stairs, open windows and risk of young children choking on small objects or food,  we can help reduce the number of children attending emergency departments.

Our service offers professional advice and support to families to help parents keep little ones safe from avoidable injuries and death, not only falls but a range of other common injuries that happen in the home.

How can you  help?

Are you aware that the Luton Safe at Home scheme offers all households in LUTON who are expecting a baby or have a child aged 0-5 a FREE Home Safety Check?  

The scheme offers a home visit with one of our qualified advisors that includes top tips on reducing the risk of common everyday accidents such as: Falls, Scalds, Burns, Poisoning, Choking, Drowning, Suffocation.

Plus families who are claiming Universal Credit or other related benefits may qualify for FREE child safety equipment including safety gates, window restrictors, fireguard, cupboard locks, blind cord shorteners, corner cushions etc.

ALL families are being encouraged to apply for a FREE HOME SAFETY CHECK where we will assess their home and check eligibility for free equipment & installation.

How to signpost LUTON families to the scheme for a Safe at Home check:

Parent or Carer can apply directly:

·         Apply online via website –  by completing a parent/carer online application form at:  www.safeathomecip.org.uk

·         Email: safeathome@luton.gov.uk

·         Telephone: 07545 043 551

·         Ask in their local Flying Start Children’s Centre or speak to their Health Visitor about a Safe at Home Check

·         For further information follow us on social media:

·         Facebook: /safeathomecip

·         Twitter: @safeathomecip ·         Website: www.safeathomecip.org.uk

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