Communication Friendly settings and spaces

The Early Outcomes fund received from the Department for Education has to be used within financial year April 2019 to March 2020. It is important that when the funding ends that the programme is sustainable into the future. In order to help to achieve this we decided to create another work stream called “Communication Friendly Settings and Spaces”.

The main aim for this group is to develop the Communication Friendly Setting Award which will encourage local early years settings to become communication friendly. We want to work with local businesses to create a communication friendly town especially in waiting areas such as the doctor’s surgery and even at bus stops.

We have recently got in touch with the parks team to look at what equipment we can put in our parks or woods. It is very important for us to leave a footprint focusing on the wards with the highest speech language and communication prevalence. We would like to welcome anyone who would like to get involved with this group. You can email us at

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