New report for speech language and communication

As part of the work of the Early Outcome Fund a new speech, language and communication needs assessment was commissioned to help us understand the needs of our children and assist with planning.

The Speech, Language and Communication Needs Assessment is nearing completion, and Business Intelligence and Talking Takes Off are very grateful for the help we have received from everyone involved. Input has ranged from the provision and explanation of data, to some quite intensive work to quality assure the document and help to tease out the recommendations. It’s a complex topic, and it has been challenging to pull together, but we have come up with some insightful themes that will help the Talking Takes Off project as it begins its ascent. We are still in the process of finalising the document, and are seeking to publish a summary version along with the full report once we have obtained strategic oversight and approval.

Helen Vincent – Senior Intelligence Analyst, Luton Council

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