The data and information sharing group is one of the many work streams within Talking Takes Off. The group has a specific target to develop our Luton Assessment Tracking System (LATS) and data sharing to help us understand how our most vulnerable children progress and to support early identification.

Luton Assessment Tracking System (LATS) is a tool that has been used with Luton’s maintained nursery schools, early years settings and schools for over five years. Developed in partnership between Fletcher Blake and Luton Council’s Early Years team, LATS is a software programme that supports the tracking of pupil progress and attainment from birth up to the end of key stage 2 with particular focus on early years. Practitioners are able to enter children’s outcomes and run a range of reports in order to inform them about the attainment and progress of individuals and groups of children over time. This enables practitioners to plan effective support for children within the setting, particularly those who are most vulnerable, and track the impact of this support to promote the best possible outcomes for children.

At a Council level, data is collected from providers and used to identify trends for funded two year olds.

Settings where children are participating in locally funded projects such as Sign 4 are also tracked to show the impact of these projects. Luton early years providers have found LATS to be an efficient product to support their individual setting and outcomes for their children. It is fast and easy to use with powerful filtering options built in to make comparisons between different sets of pupils as effortless as possible.

Using funding from the DfE through this project Fletcher Blake, working with Luton providers and the Early Years team, have been able to further develop the product to ensure that it can deliver what practitioners and the council really need efficiently as possible. The reporting functions and filters have been developed to support early identification of children who may be at risk of not meeting their potential. At a council level, work is being undertaken to develop the reporting functions and to make the transfer and matching of data between data sets as efficient as possible so that local services are appropriately targeted to ensure that children have the best chance of reaching their full potential.

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