Flying Start has been approached by Race Equality Foundation to be part of a four year national RCT research project led by University College London Together study to promote family wellbeing. The research will explore:-

  • If, and by how much, does SFSC improve mental wellbeing in parents and children
  • Other outcomes: parental stress, social cohesion, use or uptake of services
  • Compare parents in SFSC course with parents not in SFSC (control group)
  • 6 months follow-up with both sets of parents
  • How, why and when does SFSC improve things for families?
  • Does SFSC save costs overall in terms of escalation to other services such as social care?

Staff from Flying Start South are looking forward to completing the SFSC facilitator training in January 2020 in order to build capacity. The first course in South neighbourhood in April 2020 will be the focus of this national research.  The course will run at The Mall Children’s Centre on Tuesday mornings starting 28 April 2020 and will be suitable for parents of children 3 – 16 years.

Flying Start need to recruit 26 parents for this, realistically needing to have at least 40 parents on the list for researchers to contact.  The research team will:-

  • introduce the trial to appropriate parents – gain informed consent (ineligible and decliners signposted for a parenting course the following  term).
  • undertake face-to-face structured interviews and randomisation and follow-up with a questionnaire to the 26 participants every 3 months over 9 months (x3 in total).
  • The parents who are not actually on the course but part of the control group will receive additional monthly contact and be offered SFSC after the 9 month period. 
  • Parents are free to withdraw at any point without giving a reason.

The team would like to congratulate Hilary Cox and Lisa Bevans, family workers at Flying Start Central who recently successfully completed the facilitator training for Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) at the Race Equality Foundation in London.  They are looking forward to delivering their course at Beech Hill Children’s Centre on Wednesdays starting after February half term 2020. This will be in addition to the already established programme alongside their colleagues Iwona Nowakowska and Yarun Chowdhury. The course is suitable for parents of children up to 11 years old.  Referrals can be made either directly to Flying Start Central or to the main Flying Start office using a Flying Start children’s centre service request form (SRF).

Any queries about parenting courses, please contact Sue Bugden at Flying Start 01582 548336

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