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Keep your eyes peeled if you live in wards in the north of Luton and Icknield! You may just find something you were not expecting in these areas at the end of the month.

Talking Takes Off in partnership with the Luton Libraries, TUI volunteers, Gill Blowers Nursery school, Little Peoples nursery, Warden Hill Infant and Junior school and Waulud primary schools are undertaking a pilot project to promote sharing books and stories. Schools and local organisations will be donating children’s books which the volunteers will clean, sort and place in clear plastic bags, together with an explanatory leaflet. Children from local nurseries will hide the books in parks and public areas for other children and families to find.

Families who find a book will  be able to take them home to share, and then hide them again in their area for another family to find and enjoy. Each plastic envelope will contain information about sharing the book and what to do when it is found.

Pictures of the books and where they are found can be taken and emailed to be shared on the Flying Start Facebook page. Due to LBC policy photos cannot be posted directly onto the Facebook page but can be emailed to talkingtakesoff@luton.gov.uk. They will then be posted. Look out for more information on Facebook @FSLuton.

For further information about Talking Takes Off, visit www.flyingstartluton.com/talkingtakesoff or call 01582 548356

Published On: January 24th, 2020 / Categories: News /

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