Talking Takes Off promotes communication as  ‘a conversation everyone should be having in Luton’.  Much has changed in the world over recent weeks and the role of good communication is now even more important for us all, including our children, in these challenging times.
As professionals we are all adapting to new ways of working and looking to online resources as important tools and ideas we can recommend to the families we work with, for them to use with their own children. 
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if one of the positives to come from this challenging time was that children and parents/carers remembered time spent talking, playing and reading together in a shared communication.

With this in mind the Talking Takes Off team thought you may be interested in some of the links below which take you to some great resources to share with your own children or with the children of key workers. There are also links to professional development opportunities which can be accessed remotely.

We may have had to cancel some of the face to face training we had planned for the next few months; however this situation has offered us opportunities to think differently and use the wealth of modern technology available to look at how we can continue to deliver Talking Takes Off training using online services. This will enable us to offer everything you would get from face to face training sessions, but in the virtual world. Keep an eye out on the Flying Start website for details of Talking Takes Off online training and webinars.

We hope you enjoy using these resources and that the importance of communication continues to motivate you personally as well as professionally.

Public Campaigns:

Local information:

The Talking Takes Off webpage

Cambridge Community Service Speech and Language Therapy webpage

Speech, Language and Communication Framework: A free online CPD tool which sets out the skills and knowledge for the workforce to support children and young people’s speech, language and communication.

CPD Online short course: A free online short course for practitioners to develop an understanding of speech, language and communication.  

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