Talking Takes Off was funded as a one-year programme with a grant from the Department for Education through the Early Outcome Fund. The aim of this grant was to improve young children’s communication and language development in the earliest years of life. Partners have worked hard in delivering the key parts of the programme in a very short time period. The next step is to ensure that the work that has been started, continues and is embedded in practice for professionals and parents feel that they can access the support they need.

Talking Takes Off is a key part of Flying Start and as such, some of the work programme will sit here and there is also a very strong connection to the SEND Written Statement of Action, where parents access to Speech, Language and Communication services was identified as an area for work.

The Programme Board has developed a sustainability plan to allow us to plan going forward. We are also fortunate in that Emily Martin a Speech and Language Therapist from Cambridge Community Service who has been working on Talking Takes Off this year, will be continuing to work full time on the programme over the next year. This will allow us to continue to:  

  • offer a range of training alongside other professionals
  • support the embedding the new Early Years Communication and Language toolkit for practitioners which includes the new screening tool and the new graduated pathway.
  • deliver new interventions to parents as part of our new early year’s communication and language pathway.

So you will see more of Talking Takes Off over the next few months. As before you can find out about training at for universal training and for enhanced training.

Talking Takes Off resources are available at

Published On: March 30th, 2020 / Categories: News /

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