Communication is even more important at the moment as we adapt our lives at home, at work, and at play. This has been true amongst the Luton Early Years team. We are learning how to Skype, Zoom, group WhatsApp call and develop other IT skills we never knew we had! We are all learning from each other and celebrating when we learn a new skill, however small. We are making sure that when something doesn’t quite go to plan, we have a cup of tea or take a stroll and try again, asking for help if it is needed.

All of this has reminded us how challenging communication can be when we can’t see people’s faces or read their body language, hear them clearly, or be in the same room as them to offer a reassuring smile or nod. This is something that some of our friends, colleagues, children and parents we work with, deal with every day. It has made us think about how we are communicating in our work at the moment and how we will do so in the future.

So what have the early years team been doing? Powered by cups of tea, we are working hard to stay in touch with our early years providers; pre-schools, nurseries, childminders, out of school clubs, nursery schools and supporting them to help the children and families that they would usually see every day. Some settings have been able to stay open and others have been staying in touch with their children through phone calls, emails, activity ideas, video clips, social media and letters. They are doing a fantastic job of keeping the conversation going!

The team has a number of projects that we are still working on; this includes Talking Takes Off. We are keeping in touch with the colleagues we made links with through year 1 of Talking Takes Off as we develop a number of very exciting ideas to grow Luton as a communication friendly town. Watch this space!

Published On: May 11th, 2020 / Categories: News /

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