Safe at Home is offering families in Luton a range of telephone advice options to help provide ways to keep kids of all ages safe during the coronavirus pandemic. We want to keep families injury free and out of the emergency department in an already overly burdened NHS system. Our aim is to teach parents some simple ways to be ONE STEP AHEAD, recognise what is a hazard in their home and make easy adaptations to the home environment to help protect their child from common accidents.

Option 1 – Child Accident Prevention Helpline:

Elaine is on hand offering a telephone hotline for parents/carers with children of all ages during the following times: Mondays – Fridays between 12:00 – 16:00. This provides parents with the opportunity to have an informal chat with our child safety expert about how to keep their family safe and injury free whilst at home. Our focus will be on raising awareness of burns/ scalds/ poisoning/ falls/ choking and garden safety and also happy to answer any child safety related questions or simply talk through some tips around preventing child accidents.

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Option 2 – Home Safety Telephone Assessment:

Home visits are currently suspended until further notice, however we are providing a telephone home safety assessment carried out by our Safety Advisor Kenny from the Fire Service or Elaine from Safe at Home. The safety advisor will talk through a room-by-room safety questionnaire with the parent covering each area of the home. Depending on the results of the survey, the advisor will provide the relevant safety advice to help reduce the risk of accidental injury to under 5’s. A copy of the completed questionnaire will be emailed to the parent following the call, enabling parent to make the recommended changes within the home environment.

This option is suitable for households who live in Luton with a child aged 0-5 or those who are expecting a baby in the near future. If the household is low income and claiming certain benefits they may qualify for free child safety equipment – installation of equipment can be arranged once home visits are permitted.

💻 Apply online by completing the parent application form on our website:

Option 3 – Keeping Baby Safe Telephone Consultations:

For families living in Luton who are expecting a baby in 2020 we are offering a 1-1 telephone consultation with our child safety expert Elaine, to share and talk through vital information with parents-to-be. Expectant parents can gain awareness of the Tubes of Life programme and importance of choosing safe and compliant nursery products and how our simple key messages can help promote healthy brain development, protect baby and reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other injuries. The consultation offers an ideal opportunity for parents to ask questions and discuss any nursery product queries prior to purchasing goods, plus each family will receive a free complimentary gift bag.

☎ Call or text us on 0755 3348485 to book an appointment

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Sharing Child Safety Top Tips:

Safe at Home is delivering a range of safety messages in English, Polish, Urdu and Bengali on social media covering the topics detailed below

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1 – Hot things can burn me

Hot Drinks – can scald a child up to 15-20 mins after being made as their skin is 15 times thinner than an adult – keep out of reach

Hair Straighteners – Keep out of reach during use and whilst cooling down as this can take up to 40 minutes. If you have one, use a heat resistant pouch to store straighteners out of reach immediately after use.

Cooking appliances – Keep children away from cooker and hobs.  Try to have an activity planned that will entertain your child whilst you are cooking – bring out a different toy box at cooking time to help distract child.

2 – Things that can poison me

Cleaning products – chemicals stored under the kitchen sink for example: cleaners, disinfectant, bleach, washing capsules and detergents, dishwasher tablets, oven cleaner.  Keep in a locked cupboard or high up out of reach.

Medications and toiletries – prescription and over the counter medications are very dangerous for children, including ointment and creams. Keep in a locked cupboard or high up out of reach. Remember child resistant lids are NOT Child Proof.

3 – I can fall easily

Windows – as the weather warms up and windows are open, ensure large opening windows are kept locked or fitted with a window restrictor to prevent child falling out of window. Keep furniture away from windows to prevent climbing.

Babies – never leave baby sleeping on a bed or sofa, it takes just seconds for them to fall off.

Stairs – Keep children under the age of 24 months away from stairs. Safe at Home can discuss safety gates with you. Teach older children to come down stairs safely. Never leave items on the stairs.

4 – I can choke on small things

Check all low level drawers, shelves, tables etc. to see if there are small items that your child can put in their mouth. Ensure any possible hazards are out of reach.

Button Cell Batteries – Take a look around your home for electrical gadgets and toys that have button cell batteries. Check to see if the product has a screw back battery compartment to prevent children accessing the battery. Button batteries can kill a child within hours if accidently ingested, as the battery will cause internal burns. Store all batteries out of reach and discard old batteries safely.

Always supervise your child when eating or snacking and cut foods into slim lengths rather than round shapes. Avoid giving young children hard shelled mini eggs which are a choking hazard.

5 – Garden Safety

Water – Ensure children are always supervised when using paddling pools. Ensure ponds/ hot tubs etc. are covered – children can drown in less than 5cm of water in a matter of seconds.

BBQ’s – Keep children well away from barbeques and store matches and lighters out of reach.

Ensure garden gates and sheds have a bolt at the top out of reach of children.

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