Bookstart 2022

As you may know, there are some new and exciting changes happening at BookTrust this year, with the launch of a new targeted offer for children aged 1-4, which will replace the current Bookstart Treasure and Corner packs. 

BookTrust aims to bring the benefits of reading to children in the greatest need and to achieve long-lasting impact by establishing reading habits and behaviours. Through their new strategy The Next Chapter, they want all families to establish a routine of reading together with their babies as early as possible and to continue this throughout childhood, as children learn to read independently. 

Over the next five years BookTrust will prioritise support for disadvantaged children and families, including those on low-income, children from vulnerable family backgrounds for whom the benefits of reading can be transformative and those who may need more help to make shared reading a regular part of their lives. 

There will two packs for families: 

Bookstart Toddler aimed at families with children aged 1-2 to inspire them to take part in shared reading adventures together. 




Bookstart Pre-schooler aimed at families with children aged 3-4 to encourage them to continue discovering books and sharing stories.  


 Bookstart Toddler packs will be gifted via Flying Start, Starting Well and the Health Team to vulnerable families, children with SLCN and those that are not taking up the 2yr funded places, amongst others. 

Bookstart Pre-schooler packs will be gifted to EYS identified as being in the 50-80% most deprived areas of Luton.  PVI settings have been contacted and have agreed to participate in the BookTrust Early Years Targeted Offer pilot.  Settings taking part have completed a partnership agreement between themselves and Luton Libraries. 



The Bookstart Baby pack will remain universal and gifted to every baby born in the town via the health team.Designed to support and encourage families to read with their baby as early as possible.  



Dual language books are available for families whose first language is not English. 

Bookstart Additional Needs packs remain the same and provide resources for babies and toddlers with hearing impairment, visual impairment and children with conditions affecting their fine motor skills.  


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