Introduction from Chris Rogers

Welcome to the Autumn Flying Start E-newsletter and I hope you have all enjoyed the summer.   

During the summer break the Flying Start team have worked hard to provide summer sessions in the parks of Luton for families with children under eight years old.  These have once again proved to be very successful and have not only supported families to access our wonderful park areas, they have helped to promote communication and language and the need for being active.  We were blessed with beautiful weather at these events and at times ensuring children were kept cool and well hydrated was more of an issue than our usual worry of a wet event. 

We have continued, over the past months, to build up more networks with community groups and have enjoyed supporting some of these groups to share the messages from Flying Start and key Public Health messages. 

We anticipate a busy time ahead as we start to support the development of the Family Hubs and we continue to pilot new groups. 

In October we plan to give our Talking Takes Off speech, communication and language focus a relaunch.  You will remember that in 2019 we had a systems wide approach to sharing messages with parents and professionals about the importance of talking to children to boost their vocabulary and improve their communication.  We plan to highlight again the need ‘to get Luton talking’ and we look forward to linking with our TTO Champions to raise the importance of this again. Training for professionals and educators is available via the Flying Start website 

Keep an eye on our social media for more details of the activities that will be running at our maintained nurseries in Luton, during October and by the Flying Start team and Luton Adult Learning team in half term.