Everyone knows nursery rhymes and action songs are great fun and musical activities help stimulate language development. Sing and Sign combines the benefits of both music and signing. In our Sing and sign sessions, we will teach a wide range of signs using some traditional and some specially written or adapted songs. What makes Sing and Sign special is that every sign used in song relates to those important words children need for example, Please, Thank you, Happy, and angry. You name it, we have a song about it, and the Children just love to hear them! We don’t use too many signs within the songs, just enough to highlight the key words. Many of the tunes we use are traditional and familiar; this ensures all songs are easy to sign along with for any beginner.

Sing and sign is a relaxing and enjoyable way for you and your child to learn and have fun spending time together.

These sessions are for children aged 0-5 years, as it will benefit all children to use signing in their daily life.

Signing benefits include:

  • Helping to understand your child’s needs, thoughts and ideas
  • Reducing frustration (for child andparent!)
  • Enhancing early vocabulary and understanding
  • Encouraging the development of speech
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Stimulating your Childs’s intellectual and emotional development

For more information please contact your local Flying Start Children Centre. To find which centre your home postcode falls into use the online postcode checker

Contact details for the Flying Start Children Centres can be viewed on the Children’s Centre contact details page of this website