Flying Start during Covid-19 (January 2021 Update)

Flying Start Children’s Centre

There is at least one centre open every day to support you if you book an appointment or want to collect vitamins. We are also running some virtual sessions  and you can find full details on our New Timetable for 2021.  Unfortunately all face-to-face groups have had to stop in this latest lockdown.

In addition, we can still provide support to you by phone, email and via our social media pages and website.

If you have any queries or want general help and advice contact the Flying Start Office on If you know the Children’s Centre area you live in/usually attend, you can contact them on the details below:

Flying Start Central:

01582 546931  @FlyingStartCentralLuton (Facebook)

Flying Start North:

01582 546925 @FlyingStartNorthLuton (Facebook)

Flying Start South:

01582 546929  @FlyingStartSouthLuton (Facebook)

Flying Start West:  

01582 546932  @FlyingStartWestLuton (Facebook)

We are posting ideas for play and learning, activities and fun on our Facebook pages so you can access information at a time that suits you.

If you are not already registered with us you can complete an online Flying Start Children’s Centre registration form and we will contact you:

Parenting Support Helpline

For more generalised parenting queries, such as toilet training, starting solids advice , mealtimes, bedtime routines, behaviour etc Flying Start have set up a helpline for you between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. You can text or ring 07501 722556 or email  Please check the Parenting section of our website as there is a lot of useful information here.

Free Online Parenting Course 

All Luton parents and carers are able to access FREE online courses at using access code HATTERS and their Luton postcode. This includes four courses: antenatal, postnatal, understanding your child and understanding your teenager’s brain.

Antenatal Education

In addition to the online course mentioned above, we have videos of past Bump to Babe sessions and new antenatal videos on our webpage which cover labour, birth and caring for your baby:

There is also lots of information to read from the NHS on:

Keeping Baby Safe Helpline and Zoom Sessions – suitable for parents-to-be or new parents

Parents-to-be or new parents can book a free Zoom Session or  Telephone Consultation direct with our child safety expert Elaine. This group session or 1-1 call allows you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss methods of choosing safe and compliant nursery equipment for your new-born. We share vital information about #TubesOfLife and nursery products to help you make informed choices and keep baby safe once born. To book, Call or Text 0755 33 48485 or email You can also message on the Safe at Home facebook or website: @safeathomecip

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Caring for your Baby – advice from the Lullaby Trust:

Free Safe at Home Helpline

Do you have a question about how to keep your child/ren safe from accidental home injuries now that you are spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Our HELPLINE adviser ‘Elaine Ainsworth’ who is the Luton Child Injury Prevention expert is on-hand to take your calls on our child injury prevention information line – open weekdays between 12 noon and 4pm excluding bank holidays. Call or Text 075533 48485 or email You can also message on the Safe at Home facebook or website: @safeathomecip

Speech and Language Therapist- Talking Takes Off Drop in

Although we aren’t running our face-to-face sessions at the moment, our speech and language therapist Deborah, is available to talk to you about your child’s talking and listening skills over the phone if you have concerns. The service is suitable for children who are not already known to the Speech and Language Therapy Service and for those with early concerns about their child’s talking. To book a phone call, please email

Health Visiting

Parents can contact health visitors and school nurses on 0333 405 0087.

If you need support with where and when to seek help if your child is ill, download this helpful advice sheet from the Community Health Services: Parent Advice sheet – COVID Beds and Luton

 Feeding support

We have pulled together some information for parents around infant feeding during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please see the documents here:

Information for parents on Infant feeding during Covid 19

Breastfeeding support during Covid 19


Healthy Start Vitamins

Children’s Healthy Start Vitamins will be available free this week (22-26 Feb) at the following locations. Please call before collecting.

Beech Hill: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (call 01582 393440/ 01582 546931)

Park Town: Wednesday and Thursday (call 01582 482957/ 01582 546929)

From the 1st March Children’s Healthy Start vitamins will no longer be available from Children’s Centres.

Keep an eye on our social media for updates on where vitamins will be available.

PHE are recommending that during this time if you are not going outside often everyone should take a vitamin D supplement of 10 micrograms daily. This advice is specifically about protecting bone and muscle health and not reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

Healthy Start Scheme and Covid-19

Infant vitamin supplements

Vitamins and supplements in pregnancy


Volunteering opportunities are on hold for Flying Start at the moment, however the Volunteer Support Officer Sharon is available for guidance on future roles that maybe available once life returns to some levels of normality. For more information visit:

Relationship Support

Being at home 24/7 can cause tension and stress and you may find that there are arguments and stress. When arguments are frequent, heated and not resolved they can affect your child in many ways. Relate have some good suggestions and advice on relationships: and another good resource is:

We are aware that not everyone is safe in their own home. If you are scared or being hurt we urge you to contact the police or the national Domestic Abuse Hotline on 0808 2000 247

General help and advice

For information about Coronavirus and the services provided by Luton Council and partner agencies, including information on debt advice, foodbanks, emotional wellbeing and obtaining help and support whilst social distancing, visit:


To check if your child is eligible for the 30 hour funding, apply online through

Information and the eligibility details online on:

For information on 3 and 4 year old Free Nursery Education Places please visit:

Finally keeping ourselves and others safe

Most importantly, here are three simple actions we must all do to keep on protecting each other

  • Wash hands – keep washing your hands regularly
  • Cover face- wear a face covering in enclosed spaces
  • Make space- stay at least 2 metres apart – or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions

Video from some of the Flying Start Team available here