Oral health

The prevalence of dental decay in young children is a serious concern in Luton. We are working with the Community Dental Service and Health Visiting and School Nursing teams to improve oral health. All families in Luton will now receive toothbrush packs (which include toothbrushes and fluoride toothpaste) and oral health education as part of the child’s  9-12 month review appointment and all family members will be encouraged to register with a dentist.

In addition to this school nursing teams, supported by the dental service,  will be providing toothbrush packs and oral health workshops to children in reception year (4-5 year olds) with a focus on sugar reduction. It is hoped that these interventions should make a significant impact on the oral health of children in Luton.

For more information or assistance, call Flying Start on 01582 548337 or email flyingstart@luton.gov.uk