Mellow Parenting

Want to learn more about Mellow?

Many Mums and Dads have attended Mellow groups in the UK and internationally. Throughout their website  you will find videos which we hope you will find interesting.

  • If you have been referred to attend a Mellow Group, this is what you can expect:

Before the group starts, a group facilitator will visit you at home and talk to you about what it is like to be in the group. Once you agree Mellow is the right group for you, they will return to your home and take a video of you with your child. The Mellow Practitioner will then view the video with you, looking out for what is going well!. There are no “perfect Parents” but you may be surprised to find many good things you are already doing! Usually we only see out faults. This can seem a bit frightening at first, but being able to think about your own ‘real life’ situation is a great way to see what works for you.

Mellow groups are divided into three areas:

  • Personal Group

In the first session, usually a morning, you will take part in a parents’ group, discussing areas around your life and wellbeing, for example, Trust, Depression, You and Your Body and Self Esteem.

  • Activity

You and your child will have a snack together with everyone else. There will then be a fun activity – things such as Gloop, Bubbles, Nursery Rhymes, Music, hand painting and other free/cheap activities which you can then try at home.

  • Parenting Workgroup

Once the children are settled again in the children’s group, parents take part in a parenting workshop and take part in discussions/activities on Understanding parenting, Keeping them Busy, Feelings and many more. Parent’s videos will also be shared each week. Parents appreciate the advice and support the group offers. No one is an expert and we can all learn from one another.

Being a parent is both rewarding and challenging, no parent is perfect! The good news is that you can make small changes. You can strengthen your relationship with your child making the task of parenting easier and more enjoyable.

Please see the video below from a mum who completed our Mellow Parenting Course at Stepping Stones, Luton.

Professional Referrals:

If you would like someone you are working with to access a targeted parenting programme and they are not already open to an Early Help or Social Work service you will need to complete an Early Help Assessment (forms available on the council website). If they are already open, please complete a FS Children’s Centre Service Request Form and send to the Children’s Centre


Flying Start Central

Beech Hill Primary School (LU48BW)

Start date Unknown Mondays 10-2pm

Please call 01582 393440 to register interest

Stepping Stones

9a George Street West (LU12BJ)

Starting Tuesday 16th January

Please call  01582 457114 to enquire and book