Other useful contacts

For more information on our programmes please feel free to contact our team:

Antenatal Programmes

Dawn Jones, Flying Start Midwife

Telephone 01582 548337 or email: Dawn.Jones@ldh.nhs.uk

Parenting Programmes

Gillian Smith Flying Start Parenting Co-ordinator

Telephone 01582 548336 or email: gillian.smith@pre-school.org.uk


Call Louise Morrissey (Flying Start Diet and Nutrition Lead) on 075870336318 or email: louise.morrissey@pre-school.org.uk.

Call Joanne Brabrook (HENRY coordinator) on 07549091518 or email joanne.brabrook@henry.org.uk.


Children’s Centre Details

ABC Children’s Centre

Tel: 01582 413552 option7

Email: info@abcchildrenscentre.co.uk

Hatters Children’s Centre

Tel: 01582 616604


Redgrave Children & Young People’s Centre

Tel: 01582 556661

Email: rcypc@luton.gov.uk

Community Link Children’s Centre

Tel: 01582 493761

Email: christine.king@communitylinkluton.com

Building Blocks Children’s Centre

Tel: 01582 393440

Email: dcase@beechhillprimary.com

East Luton Children’s Centre

Tel: 01582 484110

Email: info@eastlutonchildrenscentre.co.uk

Meadows Children’s Centre

Tel: 01582 600691

Email: glynis@meadowschildrenscentre.com

For more information or assistance, call Flying Start on 01582 548336 or email flyingstart@luton.gov.uk