Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners is a safe space for couples and co-parents to work out how to move forward if things have been difficult. It is a free programme that looks at the whole family, not just the relationship between parents and their children.

The sessions are led by male and female trained group workers who work with both parents to foster long lasting change. Both parents are involved, and have a safe space to connect with other parents in the group. A safe space to think through difficulties.

Couples and co-parents attend sessions with other parents. In this time you will be working on your relationship, yourself, exploring family patterns, as well as improving your parenting skills and helping your child succeed. Free child care is available on site.

Sessions include a mix of creative activities, video clips and discussions. There will be input from the group leaders and space to talk about the things that are important for you.

The group allows you to explore things that might be difficult and sad, as well as facilitate lively discussion with other people who might be going through similar situations.

How does it help?

Proven results in helping:

+ Improve your relationship and communication with your child’s other parent

+ Strengthen your family relationships and improve your child’s wellbeing and success

+ Manage the challenges and stress of family life

+ Reduce conflict in your relationship.

Is it for me?

To benefit from this programme, whether you are together or separated, you need to be willing to talk together about how you would like to bring up your children.

“A great way to spend some time focussing on the most important thing in your life – the people you love.”

Please note:

This programme is not for couples / co-parents who have current or imminent court proceedings

Length of course:  This is a 16 week, 2 hour per session programme.


Flying Start Central at Beech Hill Primary (LU4 8BW)

Starting TBC- Autumn

01582 393440

For more information or assistance, call Flying Start on 01582 548336 or email