Healthy Start vitamins are currently unavailable through Children’s centre and we are working on how we can make these available for families. Healthy Start vitamins are available from Superdrug for £3.99. Alternative vitamins are also available from pharmacies and supermarkets please see our guide to children’s vitamins here:

What is Healthy Start?

If you have children under four or are pregnant and on benefits, or if you’re pregnant and under 18, you could qualify for Healthy Start. With Healthy Start, you can get free vouchers every week which you can spend on milk, fruit, vegetables and infant formula milk. You can also get free Healthy Start vitamins.

Pregnant women and children over one and under four years old can get one £3.10 voucher per week. Children under one year old can get two £3.10 vouchers (£6.20) per week.

The vouchers can be spent on:

  • plain cow’s milk – whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed. It can be pasteurised, sterilised, long life or UHT
  • plain fresh or frozen fruit and veg (fruit and vegetables with no added ingredients), whole or chopped, packaged or loose
  • infant formula milk that says it can be used from birth and is based on cow’s milk.

Ask your health visitor or midwife for details or visit