Peep Learning Together Programme

For: Families with children aged 5 years and under living in Luton.

The Peep approach in our Play and Learn sessions across Luton provide an opportunity for mums, dads and carers to access activities to support children’s learning in everyday situations, using listening, talking, playing, singing, sharing books and most importantly having fun!

Peep is based around the ORIM framework that recognizes that children benefit from:

Opportunities to learn, play, explore and experience different things

Recognition and valuing of their early efforts and achievements

Interaction with adults- playing, talking, singing, having fun, and doing things together that the child will gradually be able to do independently

Modelling by adults of activities, behaviour and attitudes, so that children can replicate this in later life.

Peep makes lots of time to talk together about all the things your child is doing and especially about what your child is learning. The first few years is a very special time and children learn so fast!

It’s good to have some time to share ideas and talk about all the things you have noticed about your child.

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