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Healthy Start Vitamins

Healthy Start vitamins are recommended for pregnant women and new mums and children from 6 month to 5 years. Vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts so that it can work properly. Even though you can get lots of vitamins from a healthy balanced diet, you still might not get everything you need at certain times in your life – such as when you’re pregnant, a new mum or a small child. It is recommended that at these times you should take a supplement containing specific vitamins to make sure you get everything you need.

Women’s vitamin tablets contain:

  • Folic acid: reduces the chance of your baby having spina bifida, a birth defect where the spine doesn’t form properly
  • Vitamin C: helps maintain healthy tissue in the body
  • Vitamin D: helps your body to absorb calcium and so supports your baby’s bones to develop properly. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteomalacia, which causes bone pain and tenderness.

Healthy Start children’s vitamin drops contain:

  • Vitamin A: for growth, vision in dim light and healthy skin
  • Vitamin C: helps maintain healthy tissue in the body
  • Vitamin D: for strong bones and teeth. In children a lack of vitamin D can lead to rickets.

Healthy Start vitamins can help prevent vitamin deficiencies and maintain healthy growth and development for your child. Vitamin D is difficult to get from the diet alone and the best source is from sunlight, therefore during the winter months it is difficult to get adequate amount of vitamins D. Certain groups are at a higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, babies born with darker skin types and anyone who has little or no exposure to sunlight (for example wear concealing clothing, sun creams or stay indoors etc.)

Healthy Start vitamins are suitable for vegetarians and halal diets, and free from milk, egg, gluten, soya and peanut residues.

There are a range of other vitamins available, however many of these contain a range of nutrients that are not suitable, therefore Healthy Start Vitamins are the only vitamin supplements we recommend for your child.

Children’s Vitamin Drops are £2 and Mother’s Vitamin Tablets are £1. However, you may also be eligible for free vitamins through the Healthy Start scheme- see information below.

Where are Healthy Start vitamins available?

  • You can purchase/claim Healthy Start vitamins from our 3 Flying Start centres at certain times:
    • Park Town Centre (LU1 3DU)
      • Mondays to Thursdays: 9am to 12pm
    • Centre in Foxcubs Nursery (LU1 1TZ)
      • When sessions are running (see timetable)
    • Centre in Pastures Way Nursery (LU4 0PE)
      • when sessions are running (see timetable)
  • You can also purchase Healthy Start Vitamins from 3 Active Luton centres at certain times:
    • Hightown Community Sports & Arts Centre (LU2 0JD)
      • Mondays and Wednesdays: 11am to 4pm
    • Lea Manor Recreation Centre (LU3 3TL)
      • Monday to Friday: 11am to 4pm
      • Saturdays 10am to 1pm
    • Lewsey Sport Park (LU4 0PF)
      • Monday to Friday: 11am to 4pm
      • Saturdays 10am to 1pm

Healthy Start Vouchers

You could qualify for Healthy start if:

  • you are pregnant or have a child under 4 and are on benefits OR
  • you are pregnant and under 18 (even if you are not claiming benefits)

With Healthy Start, you can get free vouchers every week which you can spend on milk, fruit, vegetables, pulses and infant formula milk. You can also get free Healthy Start vitamins.

Pregnant women and children over one and under four years old can get one £4.25 voucher per week. Children under one year old can get two £4.25 vouchers (£8.50) per week.

The vouchers can be spent on:

  • plain cow’s milk – whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed. It can be pasteurised, sterilised, long life or UHT
  • plain, fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables (fruit and vegetables with no added ingredients), whole or chopped, packaged or loose
  • fresh, frozen or tinned pulses
  • infant formula milk that says it can be used from birth and is based on cow’s milk.

Ask your health visitor or midwife for details or visit Healthy start NHS

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Nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy

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