Flying Start offers a range of free training opportunities to all professionals working in Luton

We have partnered with KCA to offer some online e-learning for free for those working with families in Luton.

Please find the details of the training below.

You can email or call 01582 548356 to register for a course.

We will need the course you are interested in, your name, email address and organisation/profession.

Courses of offer

EY Early identification and action: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in the early years Level 3 30 hours This course promotes best practice in early intervention when working with early years children identified with SEN Understand the key principles underpinning the work of early years special education needs practitioners
Define Special Educational Needs (SEN) by describing the four areas of need and the key difficulties associated with each
Describe the identifying characteristics of High and Low Incidence special needs
Explain the cycle of the ‘Graduated Approach’, and how each aspect helps to provide suitable SEN support
Explain the role of the early years practitioner / key person and that of the SENCO within the cycle
Understand ways to promote positive practice in working with children identified with SEN and their parents / carers
Explain how and why reviews of progress, including formal progress checks, should be used to inform the ‘Graduated Approach’
Explain the importance of the child and the child’s parents/carers, being actively engaged and participating as fully as possible in decisions.
Explain what an effective support plan should include and why clear outcomes are important.
Identify what information can and/or should be shared with others within the setting and beyond to support the achievement of the agreed outcomes and effective transition.
EY Supporting colleagues in their work with children with SEND Level 3 30 hours …understanding how to support colleagues to develop their SEND practice. A unit in the Level 3 EY SENCO certificate Understand the key role of SENCO in supporting colleagues
Explain own responsibility to support colleagues in their work with children with SEND
Explain how to identify the needs of colleagues in relation to working with children with SEN
Explain the legal requirements that Early Years providers have towards disabled children
Describe key elements of internal policies and procedures to support practitioners
Be able to develop positive skills in supporting other people in their professional work
Reflect on how you would support and identify practitioners to develop their expertise in relation to SEND to ensure that practitioners have the relevant skills and knowledge
Explain how to support colleagues in working with children for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL), recognising when the child’s differences in rates of progress arise from EAL, SEN or both
EY The role of the early years SENCO Level 3 30 hours This course enables the learner to understand the roles and responsibilities of the early years SENCO Understand the role and responsibilities of the early years SENCO in the context of Early Years (EY) legislation, policies and procedures within the setting,
Identify the principles, statutory guidance and legislation underpinning the ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice’
Explain the role of the SENCO in private, voluntary and independent early years settings in actively engaging with all involved in supporting a child with SEN
Identify the principles underpinning Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans
Explain which records should be maintained and used to track progress and achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes for children, and how this should be done
Be able to develop effective skills in reflective practice as an early years SENCO
Reflect on practice, assessing own skills and competencies, identifying gaps by using the Reflective Practice (RP) model for analysis
Identify and use professional development opportunities, including training and other sources of support, to address own development needs.
EY liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the setting Level 3 30 hours understanding the importance of liaising with external agencies. A unit in the level 3 Early Years SENCO certificate Understand the range of individuals and agencies involved with children with SEN and how to access appropriate support
Describe the local offer, including the provision that the Local Authority expects to be available from providers of all relevant early year’s education
Explain the range of support services available and how individual settings can access them
Explain how funding can contribute to whole setting support to improve children’s sen and disability outcomes
Develop skills in identifying and actively communicating with a full range of professionals beyond own setting
Reflect on how you can liaise with professionals, agencies and services beyond the setting
Explain how to signpost families for advice and services beyond the setting and encourage use of them
Describe how SEN support should include planning and preparation for transition, before a child moves into another school or setting
Explain how to share information with the receiving setting or school and how to involve children and their parents / carers in this

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