Mellow Parenting

For: Families with children under 5 years old.

Specific criteria: Targeted programme aimed at families with wider family difficulties (Up to Level 4*) such as social isolation, domestic abuse, substance misuse and parental literacy problems. This programme is aimed at mums or dads who have a difficult relationship with their baby and/or toddler.

Overview: Mellow Parenting is a set of programmes developed to support parents and their children in forming good relationships. The foundation of all the programmes is attachment theory with particular emphasis on the transmission of attachment and relationship styles across generations.

Benefits: The aim is to improve parent-child interaction.

Delivered by: Highly trained staff from a variety of backgrounds.

Length of course Groups are held over a full day and last for 14 weeks.

*LSCB Threshold Document

The full day includes – Mum or Dads group in the morning, family activity with the child at lunch and an afternoon session focused on baby or toddler activities.

Childcare will be provided.


If you would like someone you are working with to access a targeted parenting programme and they are not already open to an Early Help or Social Work service you will need to complete an Early Help Assessment (forms available on the council website). If they are already open, please complete a FS Children’s Centre Service Request Form and send to the Children’s Centre


Flying Start Central

Beech Hill Primary School (LU48BW)

Starting January 2018 on Mondays 10-2pm

Please call 01582 393440 to enquire and book

Stepping Stones

9a George Street West (LU12BJ)

Tuesday 19th September 2017, running until 19th December

Please call  01582 457114 to enquire and book

For more information or assistance, call Flying Start on 01582 548336 or email