Talking Takes Off- Take Away Workshops (Speech, Language and Communication)


Luton has secured funding from the DFE to promote the importance of early communication and language skills from pregnancy to five. We know that communication is key for early child development. For children who do not experience the opportunity to develop their speech, communication and language skills this can have a major impact on their readiness for school, their ability to form relationships and their emotional development as well as future life chances.  There may be a range of reasons why children experience speech, language and communication (SLC) difficulties which may be transient or linked to longer term additional needs. We are committed as a partnership in Luton to tackle this important issue collectively through a systems change approach to our work. We are using the funding from the DFE Early Outcomes Fund to transform how we will deliver services for our families and children. Our ambition is that staff across the workforce come on our training to learn how they can support this important issue. Come and be part of this ambition.

The course is aimed at

  • professionals who work directly with families and children in both the children’s and adults’ workforce
  • those professionals whose role requires them to be in contact with families (they may not work directly with families but could still promote key messages within their service)
  • colleagues who work in the Voluntary and Community Sector

This free course aims to:

  • describe what typical communication and language development looks like: what to expect at each stage of development and when to be concerned
  • provide you with the Luton context in relation to communication and language needs and introduce you to new Luton Communication and Language pathway from pregnancy to five
  • introduce you to the new Communication and Language screening tool to  support early identification
  • clarify how this work supports the demands of your service: how you can measure impact and how you can support within your individual role
  • understand the role of Communication Champions and how they might support your service.
  • introduce you to the new Talking Takes Off Luton messages and provide you with some useful resources to take away

Most delegates will receive free resources to use in their workplace/ setting / agency

Dates and booking

Click on the date you would like to attend to proceed to a booking form. If the date is crossed through it is fully booked- please contact us to be put on the waiting list!

Training Dates, Times and Locations:

28 September from 10am to 12pm via Zoom 

Please click here to view the ENHANCED training for those who have completed the workshop which includes:

  • Early Years Communication and Language Toolkit Training
  • Train the trainer
  • Champions Network
  • Lift Off to Language
  • Bilingualism
  • Talk for All