Five key messages

Click on the key messages below for some examples

Talk to me

  • Tell me about things we do and see
  • Talk to me in whatever language you speak best
  • Talk to me even when I am a bump or very young – I like your voice
  • Talking will give me a great start

Talk and play with me

  • Make it fun
  • Let me tell you what I am playing with
  • Let me lead our play, I like it when we play together
  • You are my first best friend

Talk and show me

  • You are my first, favourite and best teacher
  • Explain to me
  • Give me the words I need
  • I am curious, I want to know and understand
  • Call my name to get my attention when you talk to me

Talk and listen to me

  • I have lots to tell you in lots of different ways
  • Give me time and opportunities to tell you what I am thinking
  • Praise me when I communicate with you
  • Take turns in talk and play with me
  • The more we talk, the more I will want to tell you

Talk and have fun with me

  • Sing and read to me
  • Listen with me for different sounds in the world around us
  • Offer me choices to help me tell you what I want
  • If I make a mistake, it’s OK, you say it in the correct way, then I’ll get it right
  • I want to be close to you, It makes me feel happy and safe