Baby Groups/Services

To see specific days, times and locations please visit our timetable page

Baby Massage 5- Week Course (£10) for under 6 months:

Massaging your baby provides a wonderful opportunity for expressing your love, whilst meeting the need for touch and affection that is so essential for the healthy development of your baby. The benefits for your baby are: helping baby to feel securely attached, reduced crying and emotional distress, increased levels of relaxation, development of body awareness, relief from wind, colic and constipation. The benefits for you: Feeling closer to your baby, an increased understanding of your baby, feeling the relaxed benefits of giving your baby nurturing touch. The benefits of attending a class: Enjoy focused time with your baby, the opportunity to socialise in a welcoming and supportive environment and have fun whilst learning a life-long skill. Our relaxed classes include time for informal parent discussion. Massage strokes are reviewed each week and handouts are given as a reminder.

Early Days Group For parents in the fourth trimester (from birth to 4 months):

For parents in the fourth trimester to join an informal and relaxed group for new parents with Flying Start staff on hand if you want any information or advice.

Feedback: “It’s an opportunity to get my baby out and around others. There is also an opportunity to have great discussions and learn new things about parenting. For example, weaning etc. As a first time parent, it a constant learning journey and it’s great to see we’re all in the same boat.”

Sensory Play (for parents of non-walkers over 3 months as mat-based activity):

This weekly hour-long face to face group encourages quality time for parents and baby- exploring various objects and using various senses

Feedback: “All the staff are lovely and very supportive. They also engage well with all babies and ensure that they enjoy the session.”

Parent Baby Self- Weighing (for parents of under 2 years):

Opportunity to self-weigh your baby on our scales. Please note this is not a health visitor clinic, a member of staff will be on hand to show you how to use the scales and how you can record your baby’s weight, however if you have any health concerns about your baby please contact the duty Health Visitor on 0300 555 0606 or text parentline 07505331866 and they will be able to help.

Baby Rhyme and Sign (for parents of non-walkers over 3 months):

Nursery rhymes and action songs are great fun and also help stimulate language development. Flying Start’s Sing and sign group combines the benefits of both music and signing.

Breastfeeding Café:

Support for mothers breastfeeding. In addition to the 3 Breastfeeding Cafes in Luton shown on our timetable, Bedford/Central Bedfordshire have Baby Brasseries you are welcome to, find out more here

Healthy Baby

For information and support with feeding your baby in the first year

Child Safety

Safe at Home Luton is a child accident prevention programme aimed at families from pregnancy through to the child’s 5th birthday.

SEND families

If you think that your child may have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) you should speak to someone about your concerns- find out more on Luton’s Local Offer

Five to Thrive

Just as our child’s body grows better when you give them good food, your child’s brain grows better when you do five simple things that feed the growing brain:

Respond ● Cuddle ● Relax ● Play ● Talk

Talking Takes Off

Talking Takes Off is a programme to support improvements in speech and communication in children from 0-5 years old in Luton.


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