Immunisations and Vaccinations

It’s really important to have all of your recommended vaccinations during pregnancy to help keep you and baby safe and well. These include:

Flu vaccine

Flu can be serious if caught during pregnancy. To reduce the risk for you and your baby’s health you will be offered a free flu vaccination during the winter months. The flu vaccination is safe and will help protect you and your baby. For more information visit:

Whooping cough vaccine

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a respiratory infection that can cause severe coughing fits. This can be very serious in young babies. It is therefore recommended that mothers are vaccinated in pregnancy to protect their babies against the illness until they are old enough to have their own vaccinations.
The vaccination will be offered between 16 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. For more information visit:

COVID-19 Vaccine

If you haven’t yet had your COVID 19 vaccination this is also recommended for pregnant women to help protect against the risks of COVID-19 in pregnancy. To find out more and book go to or call 119

PHE COVID-19 Vaccination: a guide for childbearing, pregnant or breastfeeding women


For information on immunisations for your baby visit 

Baby Immunisations and Vaccinations

Parenting and Family Relationships

There are a variety of courses and one-off sessions for parents in Luton to promote positive, nurturing and responsive parenting

Child Safety

Safe at Home Luton is a child accident prevention programme aimed at families from pregnancy through to the child’s 5th birthday.

SEND families

If you think that your child may have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) you should speak to someone about your concerns- find out more on Luton’s Local Offer

Five to Thrive

Just as our child’s body grows better when you give them good food, your child’s brain grows better when you do five simple things that feed the growing brain:

Respond ● Cuddle ● Relax ● Play ● Talk

Talking Takes Off

Talking Takes Off is a programme to support improvements in speech and communication in children from 0-5 years old in Luton.


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