Child Safety: Preschool

Having a Pre-schooler is wonderful stage as they learn to talk, communicate and become more and more curious and eager to learn new things. Young children learn by copying those around them. They start to learn when we say ‘No’ not to touch however their brains are not fully wired and they cannot be relied upon to understand the consequences or remember the instruction. When we are not looking they will often try something they would not do in front of an adult. We teach parents/carers to be ONE STEP AHEAD and learn to anticipate what their child may do next and what action would be recommended!

Here we share some top tips to help new parents understand more about keeping baby safe:

  • Medication can be mistaken for sweets, often small and brightly coloured, child may have watched those around taking medication and they are just curious and not intentionally being naughty but might try them, consequences could be serious and life threatening – Keep all medication in a locked cupboard or high out of reach
  • Other dangerous substances are easily ingested and young children under 4 are admitted daily to emergency departments due to poisoning or burns to skin from cleaning products such as bleach, oven cleaner, washing capsules etc
  • Hot things burn – from hair straighteners, ovens, radiators, fires, bbq’s
  • Playing outside in the garden is both fun and healthy but young children should always supervised by an adult at all times – ponds should be covered, paddling pools emptied when not in use – gates and sheds securely bolted.

Apply for your free home safety check:

Home Safety Check
Home Safety Check

What Safe at Home can offer Luton families with a child aged between 0-5:

  • Parent/Carer can access a FREE Home Safety Check with our friendly Safe at Home advisor who will do a 1-1 walk through of each room, discussing with parent/carer all potential hazards and providing top tips to help parent/carer minimise risk in the home & garden – parent will receive a copy of the advisory report and information regarding installing child safety equipment to help prevent accidents.
  • If the household is in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit or other benefits they may also qualify for free child safety equipment, this will be assessed during the Home Safety Check and allocated accordingly.
  • Child Safety Equipment can be purchased via Safe at Home for families who are not eligible for free equipment.

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Five to Thrive

Just as our child’s body grows better when you give them good food, your child’s brain grows better when you do five simple things that feed the growing brain:

Respond ● Cuddle ● Relax ● Play ● Talk

Talking Takes Off

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