Child Safety: Toddler

Having a toddler will bring a range of challenges to parents/carers as they practice their newly acquired skills; they just love to climb, reach, touch and explore the new world around them.  Parents are shocked when little ones find all the little things that they didn’t even know were there.  Children learn by putting things in their mouth and will taste and feel object that might cause them harm. We teach parents/carers to be ONE STEP AHEAD and learn to anticipate what their toddler may do next  and what action would be recommended!

Here we share some top tips to help new parents understand more about keeping baby safe:

  • Falls on stairs are one on the most common home accidents for children under 5 and compliant safety gates should be installed to prevent young children under 24 months accessing stairs both top and bottom.
  • Through climbing they soon learn they can reach more exciting things, usually things they shouldn’t touch – blind cords hanging or curtain tie-backs can be very tempting to a toddler but should be removed, tied up or fitted with a cleat and out of reach to prevent accidental strangulation.
  • Young children can easily choke on small items, parents/carers should check all drawers and cupboards and remove small and hazardous things.
  • Look out for toys and gadgets that have button batteries – these are deadly if accidentally ingested by a young child.

Apply for your free home safety check:

Home Safety Check
Home Safety Check

What Safe at Home can offer Luton families with a child aged between 0-5:

  • Parent/Carer can access a FREE Home Safety Check with our friendly Safe at Home advisor who will do a 1-1 walk through of each room, discussing with parent/carer all potential hazards and providing top tips to help parent/carer minimise risk in the home & garden – parent will receive a copy of the advisory report and information regarding installing child safety equipment to help prevent accidents.
  • If the household is in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit or other benefits they may also qualify for free child safety equipment, this will be assessed during the Home Safety Check and allocated accordingly.
  • Child Safety Equipment can be purchased via Safe at Home for families who are not eligible for free equipment.

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