Talking Takes Off is a new initiative aimed at improving speech and communication in children from 0-5 years old in Luton.

Speech and language provide the solid foundations on which to build the best start in life.

They lead to vital skills which will guide children on a life long journey of socialising, learning and progress as well as helping them to achieve their full potential and wellbeing.

Talking Takes Off is offering practical support to parents, carers to spread the word about the importance of language development by offering a range of tools, resources and workshops.

We are also training volunteers and partners and raising awareness about early language development.

Our aim is to make sure that the importance of communication is a conversation everyone is having.

Five key messages

Click on the key messages below for some examples

Talk to me

  • Tell me about things we do and see
  • Talk to me in whatever language you speak best
  • Talk to me even when I am a bump or very young – I like your voice
  • Talking will give me a great start

Talk and play with me

  • Make it fun
  • Let me tell you what I am playing with
  • Let me lead our play, I like it when we play together
  • You are my first best friend

Talk and show me

  • You are my first, favourite and best teacher
  • Explain to me
  • Give me the words I need
  • I am curious, I want to know and understand
  • Call my name to get my attention when you talk to me

Talk and listen to me

  • I have lots to tell you in lots of different ways
  • Give me time and opportunities to tell you what I am thinking
  • Praise me when I communicate with you
  • Take turns in talk and play with me
  • The more we talk, the more I will want to tell you

Talk and have fun with me

  • Sing and read to me
  • Listen with me for different sounds in the world around us
  • Offer me choices to help me tell you what I want
  • If I make a mistake, it’s OK, you say it in the correct way, then I’ll get it right
  • I want to be close to you, It makes me feel happy and safe

Messages for everyone

The Hungry Little Minds campaign provides lots of simple tips and activities that you can slot into your routine and that children love

The Hungry Little Minds campaign provides lots of simple tips and activities that you can slot into your routine and that children love

Here are some top tips and benefits of talking with your baby and young child from The Literacy Trust

Talking Point gives parents/carers and practitioners the information they need to help children develop their speech, language and communication skills.

Communication Trust Videos

0 to 6 months

6 to 12 months

1 to 2 years

2 to 3 years

Messages for those needing a little bit of of extra help

A page of support from Luton’s speech and language team

Coming soon– groups starting after October Half Term in Flying Start Children’s Centres

Documents for professionals